Success Stories

Deep Well with Solar Pumping System in Lokitaung, Kenya

A deep well was drilled in northwestern Kenya in the village of Lokitaung, and a large solar pumping system and satellite monitoring system have been installed.  The well is producing over 13,000 gallons of water per hour and is being used for human and animal consumption, as well as irrigation. This is Zoe Waters’ highest producing well to date!


Wells & Hand Pumps in India

Over 25 wells have been done in India in the past two years, in conjunction with a number of national partners.  Most of these wells have been used by existing pastors to reach into new communities with very few, if any, Christians.  A pastor or evangelist then introduces the Treasure to form listening groups, which in turn become small house churches.

Water Harvesting Structures in the Hurri Hills

Zoe Waters purchased and constructed three rain water harvesting structures to provide water to three communities. These structures have been built on land donated by the villages where they are being used as ministry outreach locations by our missionary partners, and are now being used as churches.  A true testament to physical water providing the way for God’s living water to be shared!


Solar Pump Systems for Three Wells: Dukana

Zoe Waters purchased and installed three solar pumping systems on wells that had been previously drilled. One well provides water for the community, one well provides water to the existing primary school, and one well provides water to the new mission station. The land for this mission station was given to our missionary partners by the Gabbra people in early 2014, who asked the missionaries to come and teach about Jesus Christ in and around this unreached area. The mission station is nearly completed and Bible studies are happening. These, now working wells, provide water resources for the community whose population has continued to grow due to continuing drought conditions and tribal violence.


Well and Pumping Source for Lorubae Primary School: Archer’s Post Kenya

The Lorubae Primary School received a well in October 2012 and a solar pumping source in November 2012! The school  currently has several hundred students (kindergarten – 8th grade).  One child was quoted as saying, “At last we shall not be eaten by the crocodiles…again!”  Prior to having a well, each day every student started their day by walking a good distance to a dirty, crocodile infested river to collect water with a plastic jug. During the school year, before the well was drilled, two children died, two lost limbs and four others were injured by the crocodiles. This well will save hours each year that will be used for educational purposes, keep children safe from dangerous water collection, and provide clean water for both students and the surrounding community.  Treasures were distributed to the school staff so they can facilitate listening groups with the children.

Clean Water Holding Tanks in the Hurri Hills

This part of Northern Kenya sees little to no water each year. Due to the rugged terrain and the elevation, well drilling is nearly impossible.  Collecting rain water in holding tanks is therefore the best means of providing water. A Zoe Waters missionary partner (seen here) received two holding tanks. This missionary and his wife are essential in distributing the Treasures to the Gabbra and Borana people in this area.

Well and Windmill Pumping System: Gambella, Kenya

This was Zoe Water’s first project.  The well was drilled in the summer of 2011, and Treasures were distributed.  Since that time, the well has been deepened to produce a more abundant supply of water, and a windmill pumping system has been installed.  This larger water supply has allowed for the creation of a new cooperative farm that is being developed by two tribal groups that had previously been at war with each other.  The new family farm plots are being irrigated by the windmill pumping system.

Windmill at Gambella

Water for a Community and Church

Leratta, a Samburu village near Archer’s Post, Kenya, needed water for two reasons and in July 2012, a well was drilled.  The reasons this village needed water were for domestic use and because they needed water to mix with building materials in order to construct a place where the church could gather, (a building). Treasures were distributed in this area both in 2011 and in 2012.  Many people are coming to Christ!

Well and Solar Pump: Lare-Oibor, Kenya

A well was drilled and a solar pumping system installed early in 2013 to supply water for the population of this area near Maralal. This well now supplies water for approximately 8,000 people from the surrounding villages.

Community Water Filtration Projects in Nepal

Zoe Waters is currently involved in a number of different projects which require water filtration, however in early 2017 we introduced our first two large scale filtration units into Nepal. Each of these units serves very remote villages in the mountains.  These communities obtain water from streams coming down out of the mountains, which are highly contaminated.  Water from these streams is pumped into the filtration units and comes out 99.9% pure!  Many people are hearing about Christ for the first time as a result of this clean, physical water.