The Need

Physical Need

  • No other humanitarian intervention has a more dramatic effect on life than access to clean water.
  • Clean water can immediately cut child death rates in half and save hours of water gathering time each day.
  • More people die each year from drinking contaminated water than from the world’s hurricanes, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes combined.
  • Dirty water is the single largest killer in the developing world.

Spiritual Need

  • There are over 2 Billion people on earth who have never once heard the Gospel. That number grows by the minute.
  • An Unreached People Group is a group of people with a common bond (where less than 2% of the group’s population is evangelical Christian)
  • Less than 1% of financial missions resources target the Unreached
  • Only 2% of Christian workers are working in Unreached People Groups

(World Vision Resources)

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