The Story of Zoe Waters

The Zoe Waters organization consists of a group of Christian men and women who are passionate about spreading the Gospel to unreached people groups. We believe this can best be accomplished through building relationships.  The provision of the basic need of water opens the door to a relationship that may lead to the opportunity to share the Gospel.


The idea for Zoe Waters came about as the result of a short-term mission trip to Northern Kenya sponsored by Cornerstone Church (Caledonia, Michigan) in 2011. This team was not only able to witness first-hand the very real needs in this area of the world (both spiritual and physical), but also to start to meet some of these needs with the “Zoe Waters” methodology. This methodology included the pairing of the audio gospel distribution with the provision of a village water well, all in conjunction with local pastors and missionaries who can continue to provide spiritual support to these previously unreached tribes. The team met with incredible success while they were there—the Jesus Film was shown in a Muslim village where it had previously been denied, many of the formerly animist and Muslim believers clamored to listen to the gospel for the first time, and local missionaries and pastors were welcomed into areas that had formerly been resistant. The pathway to knowledge about God through Christ was opened because of the well-drilling. The local people grew to trust the team because of the gift of the well, and the team was able to share their love for Christ as the reason for the provision of the well, through providing the Treasure. Upon returning to the U.S., a few of the team members determined that there was so much need and opportunity in this area of the world that the work had to continue whether or not a mission team was physically present, they partnered with some like-minded Christian organizations and individuals and Zoe Waters as an organization was born.


Water for All: Each person on the planet deserves access to clean water.

Christ for All: Each person on the planet deserves to know about the one true God, through the knowledge of his son Jesus Christ.

God’s in Charge: God is already at work in these unreached people groups; but he expects us to join in.

Leave a Support Network: We partner with professionals in each country who help identify areas of need and who remain there to support the people once they have been reached—spiritually and physically.

Team Effort: True transformation comes from the people themselves—villages must invest in projects with commitments of people, resources, and finances.

Financial Accountability: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Certification through partnership with World Mission.