The Story of Zoe Waters


Zoe Waters is a program of World Mission which consists of people passionate about spreading the Gospel to unreached people groups. We believe this can best be accomplished through building relationships. The provision of water – a basic need – opens the door to a relationship that may lead to sharing the Gospel.

The humanitarian aid provided by World Mission that consists of clean water solutions has existed almost since World Mission’s inception in 1994. The Greek word ‘Zoe’ means ‘life’. ‘Life giving waters’ (Zoe Waters) often opens doors to hearing of the true life giver, Jesus. Clean water solutions are provided to unreached people in Africa, Asia and India. This aid builds relationship – trust – that enables distribution of audio Bibles – Treasures – in their native language.


Over time, we have found that doors previously closed to the Gospel message were opened through humanitarian aid – including clean water. The methodology used includes pairing national partners (Christian missionaries of the culture) distributing audio Bibles – Treasures – with knowledgeable drilling teams providing a village water well.

The village not only benefits by receiving spiritual life giving water, it also benefits by having access to clean, physical life sustaining water. Because the water is now clean and easily accessible, there is significant reduction in sickness resulting in fewer deaths, and people don’t have to walk miles and miles to collect usable water for every day needs. And villagers take ownership of the well in that they are taught how it functions, how to fix it, and they’re expected to provide half of the funds when repairs are needed. No longer are wells being abandoned when broken, but pride of ownership and ability have taken over.

Our national partners provide spiritual discipling to these previously unreached people and tribes, and plant Christian churches where none had existed. Relationships are nurtured and grow.

This methodology has proven to be very successful, and is replicated time and time again because of its positive outcomes. People are turning from a life of physical and spiritual darkness to one of hope and a future. 


Water for All: Each person needs access to clean water.

Christ for All: Each person needs to know about the one true God, through the knowledge of His son, Jesus Christ.

God’s in Charge: God is already at work in these unreached people groups; but He wants us to join in.

Leave a Support Network: We partner with professionals in each country who help identify areas of need and who remain there to support the people once they have been reached – spiritually and physically.

Team Effort: True transformation comes from the people themselves – villages must invest in projects with commitments of people, resources, and finances.

Financial Accountability: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Certification.