Get involved and make an impact!

  • Many parts of East Africa are experiencing another season of drought.
  • 40,000 children die every month from famine in Ethiopia and a further 3.5 million are at risk of malnutrition in Kenya with 2.4 million requiring food and water support.
  • Where water may be available people have to walk for miles to obtain it and it usually is polluted causing crippling disease.
  • In Nepal, and parts of Southeast Asia, water is available, but it is contaminated.  The needs here are for filtration systems, to rid the water of diseases and parasites.

Zoe waters was founded by a team of people who saw firsthand the impact of providing life giving water resources to unreached people groups in the drought stricken areas of equatorial Africa.  Now Zoe Waters is active in Northern Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Our mission of continuing this work is to provide clean water solutions and The Gospel to people who don’t have access to either.  Zoe Waters continues to use The Treasure (audio Bible), as well as new technologies, to share Jesus Christ with people in the communities where we are working.

We invite you to get involved with this work through the generous donation of your financial resources, your prayers and your time.