Current Projects









Our projects range in size from individual household filters ($25.00) to large scale, deep water wells with solar-powered pumping systems ($45,000-$$50,000).

Individual Household Filter ($25)

Household Jerry Cans/Cubes ($40)

Rain Water Catchment ($500-$2,500)

Shallow Well with Hand Pump ($1,500-$2,500)

Moderately Deep Well with Hand Pump $5,000-$10,000)

Community/Church Water Filtration ($15,000)

Deep Well with Solar Pump ($50,000)

Every Penny Helps!

Drilling deep well to serve an entire village — $20,000 – $25,000

Windmill/Solar pump for a village well — $15,000 – $20,000

Community Water Filtration — $12,000-$15,000

Hand pump and shallow well — $2,000-$2,500

25 Treasure units for an entire village — $1,000

Water for 16 families from a village well for a month — $500

Water for one family from a village well for a year — $360

Water for three families from a village well for a month — $100

One Treasure unit (will reach approximately 144 people on average) — $40

Individual water filter for one household — $25

Water for one family from a village well for a week — $7.50


Our Efforts, Real Results

To stay up to date on some of our larger projects, we have installed solar-powered satellite monitoring devices on these projects.  These monitors keep track of the total gallons of water pumped per hour, as well as temperature, daylight hours, and some other key variables.  A member of the Zoe Waters organization checks this information on a daily basis to assure continued performance of each of the water systems.


The data shown below is updated once per day, and shows the total number of gallons of water pumped, to date, since the installation of the monitoring system.

Farakoren, Kenya
gallons served
Miono, Tanzania
gallons served
Sandan, Nepal
gallons served
Dukana, Kenya
gallons served
Lorubae Primary School, Archers Post, Kenya
gallons served
Katongun, Kenya
gallons served